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In Stock

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    Product Description

    Our plain Vinyl wristbands are available as a stock item for next day delivery, we hold 14 colours in stock and they are all supplied with our snap lock that provides the perfect tamper evident closure to make them the perfect plain wristband security solution.

    Our plain vinyl wristbands offer a cheaper alternative solution to custom printed vinyl wristbands but with the same level of security, we can also mix the colours within an order for you so you can use colours rather than printing to distinguish if required.

    These plain vinyl wristbands are used for a variety of purposes including for festival wristbands, exhibition wristbands, nightclub wristbands, student union wristbands, college wristbands, school wristbands, event wristbands and sports club wristbands.

    Delivery time: Next Day
    Styles: Straight Edge Vinyl & Wide Faced Vinyl
    Min order: 100