Our range ofPre-Printed Lanyards

DYO = Design Your Own! Or, if you'd rather let us handle the design then please select one of our regular products

Lanyards can be easily attached to an ID cardholder, allowing the user to display ID

Plain and pre-printed lanyards are next day delivery, printed lanyards are 12-15 working days but we do offer an express 3 day and 5 day lanyard delivery service.

Our Minimum order for lanyards is 100.

We have a range of styles from full colour print lanyards, screen printed lanyards, recycled PET lanyards and bamboo lanyards.

We supply the lanyards with our standard metal closing clip, but other clips are available on reuest.

Both our bamboo festival lanyards and recycled PET lanyards offer environmentally friendly wristband options, our bamboo lanyards are biodegradable and our recycled PET lanyards are made from recycled plastic bottles.

Are lanyards are available in 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 20mm & 25mm

We can print our heat transfer printed and recycled PET fabric wristbands with full colour print, our screen printed lanyards with up to 4 colour designs and our bamboo lanyards work better with a maximum of 4 colours on to a plain coloured background.

We can pantone match any colour on our lanyards