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Product Description

Our printed Vinyl wristbands are available in two styles; we have our wide faced vinyl wristband and our straight vinyl wristband. Our straight vinyl wristbands have a 15mm x 150mm print area and our wide faced vinyl wristbands have a print area of 20mm x 60mm. These two different shaped printed vinyl wristbands lend themselves to different designs and are both equally as popular as the other.

If you are organising a weekend or weeklong event then our printed vinyl wristbands are an excellent choice for your wristband of choice, they are very popular for festival wristbands as they are comfortable to wear, easy to apply and have to be cut off so cannot be transferred between people.

We can print the wristbands in black, white, gold and silver and our printed vinyl wristbands are available in any of our 14 stock colours. Our printed Vinyl wristbands are available on a 5 day turnaround and with a minimum order quantity of 100.

Delivery time: 5 working days
Styles: Straight Edge Vinyl & Wide Faced Vinyl
Print area: Straight Vinyl 15mm x 150mm & Wide Faced vinyl 20mm x 60mm.
Min order: 100
Printing options: 1 colour print
Wristband design costs: Our in-house design team can make your designs free of charge.

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