News The Many Uses of Silicone Wristbands

March 24th, 2017

When it comes to the different types of wristbands, there are fewer which are more multi-functional than silicone wristbands. This may seem slightly surprising seen as though they are fairly simple in their design, but this can actually work in their favour! The reason for this is that they can be easily customised to suit a range of different activities – some of which are listed below.



If you are wanting a cheap solution to promote your business, then silicone wristbands can be a quick and easy solution. They can be used for a variety of different businesses, and can also be utilised in a range of different ways. The most common use is to create brand awareness by giving a consumer a wearable item to put on which is customised with your businesses logo. Another good use can be to give customers a discount if they wear the wristband when they are in-store.



It was Lance Armstrong who started selling silicone wristbands to raise money for cancer victims. Due to its immense popularity, a number of other charities started selling wristbands to raise money for their cause too. To this day, silicone wristbands are still a hugely popular fundraising tool for any charity who is wanting to spread their message and raise funds.



A great way for a school to use silicone wristbands is as an organisational tool so that they can easily differentiate between pupils who are in different years, and have different privileges. For instance, instead of asking every pupil if they’re allowed out at lunch time they can just see what colour wristband they have on instead.


Sports Team

As a sports team, silicone wristbands can serve the conventional purpose by being worn by players who are on the substitutes bench – so that the referees and coaches can see who the active player is. Another reason they can be worn which can also be useful is by having a motivational message written on them. These can be simple phrases such as ‘you’re a winner’ or it can even be the team’s slogan.

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