News How to Safely Remove Your Festival Wristband Without Cutting It Off

May 19th, 2017

It is a common problem amongst a huge number of festival goers: you’ve had an amazing time at a festival and you don’t want to depart with the wristband which you wore throughout! However, it is important to know that keeping on your festival wristband for too long is extremely unhygienic and cause health problems – but that doesn’t mean you have to chop it off. A festival wristband is quite symbolic to many people having to cut it and ruin it is never a nice thought, so to overcome this take a look at the following steps to see how you can safely remove your festival wristband without cutting it off.


1.   Get a Plastic Carrier Bag

The first thing you will need to do will be to get a plastic carrier bag. Typically, most supermarket carrier bags will suffice, but it is just important that you have one which is strong and not too thin. Also, try not to get one which is too large as this can be hard to manage – you will see why in the following steps!


2.   Place Your Hand Inside the Bag

Once you have an adequate carrier bag, the next step is to place your hand inside it so that you are wearing it like a glove. Once your hand is placed correctly inside the bag, the next step is to pull the handles through the wristband so that they are sticking outside of the other end of it.


3.   Turn the Bag Inside Out

The next step is to then turn the bag inside out. You will do this by getting the handles and then pulling them around the wristband to where your fingers are. This step can be quite tricky, so that is why it is important that the bag you use is not too big.


4.   Pull Down the Bag

Once you have pulled the handles down, it will mean that the carrier bag is wrapped around the wristband. The final step is to then hold the handles and pull the wristband off your hand. Depending on how tight the wristband is, this can be quite painful – but you should be able to move it down without too much effort by moving your hand around slightly so that it can meet the looser spots on your hand.



Once you have followed the steps your festival wristband should slip right off your hand and will be completely intact! You can choose to do with it as you wish and should you do this with all of your future wristbands too, you will build up a great collection.

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