News How to remove festival wristband?

March 19th, 2021

Festivals everywhere use non-removable woven wristbands to help identify those who should be there and those who should not. Anyone caught without a wristband on festival grounds can be quickly removed by security. 

Festival wristbands are also increasingly being used to create a cashless festival ground, with QR codes allowing you to “top-up” and make purchases with a flash of your wrist.

How to remove festival wristband



When the festival comes to an end, your only keepsake might be the mud on your boots and the loop of fabric on your wrist. While some people keep them on as a badge of honour, others want the grubby bit of fabric removed as quickly as possible.

How to remove festival wristband



Festival wristbands are often secured with a small plastic ring. Teeth on the inside of the ring ensure it can only pass one way, so you can tighten it but not remove it. This is an essential security feature that will prevent you from passing it to another person or sharing a wristband.

How to remove festival wristband



The obvious option to remove a festival wristband is to simply cut the fabric and you will be released. Make sure you only do this at the end of the festival as you may be removed from festival grounds if you do not have the correct wristband.

How to remove festival wristband



If you’re hoping to keep your festival wristband, you may not wish to cut it. If this is the case, take the loose ends and start twisting them. You need to create a lot of tension on the wristband and make the loose ends very compact. As you twist, you should find that eventually, you are able to pull the plastic security tag down far enough to slip the wristband off your hand.

How to remove festival wristband



Another method is to put your hand inside a plastic bag and thread it under the wristband. You can then pull the bag over the top and get a firm grip on the band. With a little bit of pressure and wiggling, you should be able to slip the band off your wrist.

How to remove festival wristband


To make it easier to remove, ask for the band not to be tightened too much. When the festival wristband is placed on your wrist, try not to play with it. This will tighten the band and make it harder to remove at the end of the festival.

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