News 30 of the best offline marketing ideas to help small businesses

August 12th, 2021

Offline marketing is not dead. It has been thriving in recent years. Even though many people turn to the internet for information, they are still out and about in the real world for most of the day.

Indeed, you could say that it’s never been more important to use offline marketing tactics-especially for small businesses looking to get ahead of their competition and grow their market share. Here are 30 of the best offline marketing ideas for small businesses!

  • Print flyers for events and promotions.
  • Submit an article to the local paper.
  • Host a competition alongside other local businesses.
  • Create branded merchandise you can give away.
  • Make branded silicone wristbands for your staff and customers.
  • Focus on your storefront to make it as engaging as possible.
  • Hand out business cards to everyone you meet and leave them in key places to be discovered.
  • Send direct mail to your valued customers.
  • Encourage your staff to feel confident talking about the company.
  • Produce a monthly magazine that you can mail to your customers.
  • Advertise through related magazines.
  • Create a free newsletter for your customers and give this away with every purchase.
  • Don’t forget to get creative with signage!
  • Use chalkboards on the sidewalk outside of your business. These are easy to update and adapt.
  • Create branded stickers that you can place in your local area.
  • Include a fun message on your receipts.
  • Host a community event for your customers and staff.
  • Host a fancy dress competition at Easter, Halloween, Christmas or any other event.
  • Give away branded items like lanyards with every purchase over a certain amount.
  • Plan a birthday party for your business every year. You can give away cake or balloons.
  • Make the most of your community notice board.
  • Offer free samples of products in your store.
  • Get in touch with the local radio about advertising.
  • Sponsor a local team or event. You might only have to pay for a team kit, and you could get free promotion for an entire season.
  • Attend a trade show or conference.
  • Speak at local events or volunteer to present a local award.
  • Run workshops or training events for similar businesses or your customers.
  • Give back to your local community by taking part in a sponsored event.
  • Hire someone to hand out flyers in a high traffic area.
  • Make sure you know your elevator pitch by heart.

These are just some of the simple ways you can spread the word about your business. These options are free or low-cost, so you don’t have to spend a small fortune on advertising. If you feel like online advertising isn’t helping, try turning to your community to help spread awareness.

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