News Advantages of Using Wristbands for Your Event

December 07th, 2016

If you are planning an event that will hold a number of people, then you should be aware that wristbands have become the most popular way of managing the entries of guests. This post explores the advantages of using wristbands for your events.


Guest Management


When you have a large number of people going to an event it can be difficult to organise them efficiently. There can be issues with the guests having different levels of authorisation. There will be people who are allowed backstage, people who will be able to purchase alcohol, as well as those who have purchased full weekend access. The best way to overcome this is by giving guests customised wristbands so that you can easily differentiate between every guest.




Most wristbands are lightweight, strong and tamper-proof, making them very durable. With tyvek wristbands, they are also waterproof – so if bad weather becomes a factor then the wristbands will keep their strength and stay in place. festival wristbands are also known to be durable, lasting the tough terrain of festivals.


Brand Awareness


In particular, silicone wristbands have become popular for their ability to be used as a way to promote a brand or cause. They are fashionable, easy to use and can be customised with a number of colours and designs. An advantage of using silicone wristbands at your event is that you can use them to gain sponsorship for the event, helping you generate more money. Or you can simply use them as a way to gain more exposure for your event by giving them to people so they can be informed about the event taking place.




Having wristbands can improve the security around your event. This is certainly the case with Tyvek and silicone wristbands as they are tamper resistant and can only be removed with scissors. This means a guest would not be able to give their wristbands to an unauthorised guest, in turn allowing an unauthorised visitor into your event.  


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