News Choosing The Best Wristband – Festival Organiser

December 06th, 2017

In the next few months, we are going to analyse which wristbands or lanyards work best for certain industries.

Our first case is a festival organiser, when we are contacted by a festival we like to find out how long the wristbands need to be worn for – as that is the most important factor in determining which wristbands are available for them and suitable for their event.

For one day or evening events Tyvek wristbands are suitable, for anything longer they are not the best wristband so we wouldn’t advise them – the Vinyl wristband or Fabric wristband will be the best option. For any event where Tyvek wristbands are suitable, they offer the most economical option.

Once we have established which wristbands will work for their event, the next questions are cost and design. Fabric wristbands are the best for complex designs, they are our most premium product but also the most popular with festivals. Vinyl wristbands are a middle ground, they are cheaper than the Fabric wristbands and can be used for several days so are more robust than the Tyvek wristbands, but the designs can’t be as complex as Fabric wristbands.

If you are a festival organiser why not speak with one of our team and we will talk through your requirements and suggest the different wristband options available to you.

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