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In Stock

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    Product Description

    Our plain Tyvek wristbands, also called plain paper wristbands, are the perfect cheap wristband option. We hold our plain paper wristbands in stock so they are always ready and waiting to be sent out for next day delivery.

    Plain Tyvek wristbands are available in a range of colours and we can mix and match the colours within your order to suit your Tyvek wristband requirements. We also hold a range of striped Tyvek wristbands and patterned Tyvek wristbands in stock so please contact as about those if you are looking for something different from a plain coloured paper wristband for your event.

    Tyvek wristbands are our most popular wristband as they are both a cheap wristband but still high in security as they are non-transferable, these plain Tyvek wristbands are simple to apply, fit any sized wrist and our plain paper wristbands are extremely comfortable to wear.

    Plain Tyvek wristbands are an extremely popular choice as they are both a cheap wristband and highly secure, they are used for many purposes including as a leisure centre wristband, child’s nursery wristband, school wristband, exhibition wristband, trackday wristband, concert wristband and as a lost child’s wristband as parents can write their contact details on to the wristband.

    If you have any questions about your paper wristband order then our friendly team are here to help with any of your questions.

    Tyvek Wristband delivery time: Next day
    Paper Wristband Sizes: one size fits all
    Min order: 100
    Tyvek Wristband colours: We hold a wide range of Tyvek wristband colours in stock

    Available Colours:

    Neon Blue

    Neon Pink

    Royal Blue


    Neon Orange

    Neon Purple



    Neon Yellow

    Salmon Pink




    Neon Lime


    Sky Blue