News How Your Nightclub Can Utilise Wristbands

January 11th, 2017

One of the best traits about wristbands is that they are incredibly multi-functional, this is because they can fulfil a number of different purposes – and this is the case for all different types of wristbands, too. When it comes to nightclub wristbands, the most popular choice are often tyvek wristbands – primarily because they are so durable and easy to put on. The most popular purpose for them is to handle entry into the venue, but there are also a number of other uses for tyvek wristbands in a nightclub.


Controlling Underage Drinking


There are some nightclubs which choose to hold an event which allows people to come who are under the legal drinking age. By having wristbands, the organisers can just get identification from everyone when they first enter the event, and then have alternative colours for the people who are over the drinking age and the ones who are under. This can help the night run much smoother and everyone can easily identify the people who are underage, and the ones who are the correct drinking age.


VIP Members


The vast majority of nightclubs usually include some type of VIP areas in their nightclubs. This is an area which is separated from the main section of the nightclubs, and to get in there the people usually pay an extra amount of money on top of the standard entry fee. The way wristbands can be used is to easily separate VIP members from people who do not wish to enter the VIP area. This can be done by giving them a wristband which is a different colour to all the other ones.




Not only can wristbands fulfil the conventional use of being able to handle entry, control underage drinking and be used to separate VIP members – but a nightclub can also use wristbands to brand their business. This can be through the form of a personalised wristband which has the nightclubs name and logo on it. By doing this, the will have wristbands that are unique to their nightclub, and it will improve brand recognition for the nightclub.

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