News Festival Style Wristbands for Your Wedding

August 16th, 2016


During the summer season, festival themed weddings are very popular. It’s easy to see why, they’re fun, relaxed and perfect for the sunny months! If you’re having a festival themed wedding, you need to top it off with the right accessories, and this means wedding wristbands! They are great to have as ‘save the dates’ – the idea being that the guests will then wear their wedding wristbands to the wedding add to the festival vibe of the wedding. Not only are they are great for ‘save the dates’ but wristbands also make great favours on the day or just for fun make a great keepsake. Festival-style weddings are hot right now. So, here are our top tips for designing custom fabric wristbands for your wedding.

Wristband type

We have a few different types of fabric wristbands, each with a different means of locking. You probably don’t need to worry too much about which lock you choose, unless you’re expecting wedding crashers! What you should think about, is having a wristband lock that’s easy to close, this means children and elderly guests will be able to easily lock the wristbands and keep them on throughout your special day. We will even give you a closing tool to hire for the duration of your event, allowing you to closure the metal crimp closure on the wristbands for an authentic touch! Alternatively, you can opt for the self-closing mechanism, which still offers a great finish without the need of a closing tool.

Colour scheme

Any organised bride will have chosen her colour scheme, probably before she’s even engaged! Once the colour scheme is in place, every other detail should complement your scheme, including your wristbands. So before you start designing your wristbands, choose colours that won’t clash with your scheme. Our wristbands are produced with multi-coloured custom designs of up to 8 colours which produce a stunning, eye-catching finishing product so you can ensure they truly match the theme of your wedding. There are two design options to choose from with our selection of festival wristbands for your wedding. Your design can be either woven into the wristbands, or your custom design can be printed onto a satin wristband.

Be creative

You’ve picked the colours, you’ve chosen your wristband style, now it’s time to get designing. It’s best to avoid very small, fine fonts, and to try and have some fun with your designs. Be quirky, cool and funny. It’s the little touches like this that people remember and the great thing about your wedding wristbands is that your guests get to keep them as a memento of your day.

Whether you have a full-scale festival themed wedding or are just looking for that quirky touch, festival wristbands could be the perfect custom accessories for your big day. For more info you can contact our highly experienced sales team now and they’ll help you choose the right wristband for your event!

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