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October 25th, 2016

 Fundraising is a very popular way for a lot of charities when trying to generate some money for a good cause. Fundraising is also being utilised by more people, because it allows people to get involved, which in turn making followers seem a lot more valued. In most cases people simply donate and don’t see where their money ends up, but with fundraising you can see how beneficial it can be to your chosen charity. Not only does it help followers feel a lot more valued, but it can also help raise awareness, which in some cases can be significantly difficult. These following choices should help you choose the best way to fundraise for your charity without spending a lot of money in the process.


Car Boot Sale


Car boot sales are hugely popular with a lot of people who choose to spend their Sunday mornings at their local car boot sale, selling items that they no longer require. As much as this is beneficial for individuals it can also play an important part for businesses and charities. The majority of car boot sales only charge a small fee for you to sell your products at their event. Ask your friends if they have any old items of clothing, see if there are any of your family members that want to get rid of some of the older items in their home and get to a local car boot sale!


Hold A Tea Party


Tea parties have become very popular as a method of fundraising as they are a great way of bringing people together for a cause. You can charge them a small fee and they can enjoy a selection of sandwiches and cakes alongside a nice warm drink. If you wish, you can also get more creative with the type of tea party you choose to hold. For instance, if you have an animal charity – you can hold a ‘dog tea party’ where people can bring their pets along. You will once again have low costs which will be for the drinks and food you will offer –  but if you choose to have a dog tea party, make sure you have some treats for the dogs too!




Wristbands are not just here on merit, they are certainly a viable option for fundraising. Silicon wristbands and lanyards are the ideal, as they are completely customizable! Whether you’re choosing to do them with the charities slogan, or the brand image it can be hugely beneficial in terms of fundraising. Not only are they great for brand exposure wristbands can be extremely cost effective and can be sold extremely cheap. Take a look at how wristbands can help you spread your charities message today. 


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