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We have an unbeatable turnaround time on many of our wristbands, lanyards and many of our promotional products, offering Next Day Delivery on most orders. We offer a wide range of products types including Tyvek wristbands, Vinyl wristbands, Festival wristbands, Silicone wristbands, lanyards and promotional products. Our custom wristbands, lanyards and related products provide a high quality solution for any event, promotion or campaign. We cater for everyone, from small businesses and charities to large scale employers and festivals.

We recognise that our customers often want bespoke wristbands, so we offer a tailored service to help make your ideas a reality. Please contact us directly with your enquiry and we will provide you with a quote, quickly and at the best possible price. Our customer service and product knowledge is unmatched and we are confident we can provide the perfect solution for any custom wristband or lanyard requirements you may have. If you do have any questions please contact us on 01565 777062 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. No enquiry is too big or small, and we are always happy to help you design your custom wristbands.

How to order your Wristbands

Choose a wristband and contact us for a quote or advice.

For custom wristbands we will then produce an artwork proof of your design.

The Products will then be printed and despatched for delivery.

Latest News

  • Why Wristbands are used as Multi-day Event Passes


    At multi-day events that require passes there will most likely be a large number of guests in attendance. One of the top concerns for hosts when it comes to running an  event efficiently is ensuring that the venue is secure.

    A fantastic solution to this issue is multi-day wristbands. They offer a comfortable, convenient and hassle-free way for delegates to access the venues for events that last for a number of days, while also helping hosts in terms of efficiency and security.

    The Wristband Companies fabric wristbands offer a durable, and waterproof solution. They withstand multiple days of wear and tear, are non-transferable and comfortable to wear.

    By opting for these, your delegates will be able to enjoy their normal activities both at the event and in the evenings between event. From yoga to dancing - they can even go for a swim - the wristband will remain intact and undamanged.

    Another great option is our vinyl wristbands. If you are looking for a durable wristband for an event, vinyl wristbands also offer a comfortable and stylish solution that is ideal for extended wear. Our standard selection of vinyl wristbands are available in 16 plain colours, but we can also create custom wristbands using your own personalised designs!

    There are a number of events, activities and venues that could benefit from using multi-day wristbands as multi-day passes, such as festivals, sporting events and conferences.

    At events such as races or festivals for example, spectators won’t need to worry about losing their ticket from day to day as they can simple wear a the wristband securely around their wrist.

    Multi-day wristbands also a plus as they are very visible. Coming in a huge range of bright colours, they can be used to designate different groups of people such as VIPS’s etc.

    At large party conferences they allow you to identify who has access to restricted areas and who is authorised to be backstage etc.

    At camps for kids, multi-day wristbands are helpful for group designation. Each group of children can be assigned to wear a matching coloured multi-day wristband. Also, multi-day wristbands can be given to identify children with special dietary restrictions, allergies or medication requirements etc.

    Multi-day wristbands offer many benefits to multi-day events. Mainly, multi-day wristbands increase efficiency and security, which, in turn increases profits and customer satisfaction.


  • Why do Children love Wristbands


    It’s no secret that children love to wear wristbands, but why do they find them so exciting? Here’s our take on the top five reasons kids love a good wristband!

    Fun designs and bright colours.

    Children love all the different bright colours that wristbands come in. All children, and adults, have a favourite colour, so children love being able to select theirs! Plus, all the cool designs and pictures that are on wristbands attract little ones even more. From animals, to food  or flowers, children love the quirky designs on wristbands.

    Showing off!

    If we’re all honest, we all love to have a brag and a show off now every now of then. The visible nature of wristbands and being able to show the off to their friends instantly attracts children to wristbands,  

    Wristbands make you feel special!

    When children have a wristband on they feel special like they’re part of a special club or they have access to something unique, because not all of their friends will have one or will be wearing one. Everyone likes to feel special or important, and a wristband gives children this feeling.

    They're long lasting!

    You get to keep wristbands a long time, so children delight in who can keep theirs on the longest. In fact, adults do this! We’ve seen people wearing Glastonbury wristbands from 10 years ago (something we don’t recommend!). They hang on to that wristband as closely as their memory of that a experience, as to children.

    Wristbands are a fab option for children events. Not only are they fab for keeping areas secure, but they add an extra novelty value to the event for the children.  Plus, you know that they children will love them so they won’t go losing or taking them off! Our vinyl wristbands our a great option for children because of their bright and vibrant colours and durability!


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